I am stuck online. The world is a cold and intimidating place and Iím scared of it. I find comfort on the Internet. Honesty and truth prevail, yet anonymity unearths buried aggression. My life was never this physically insular. What does it feel like to touch something other than your keyboard? What does it feel like to actually Laugh-Out-Loud?

There are no rights and wrongs, only bad design. I like being on the grid. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right. The real world is too round and smells weird. Silver is a nice shiny intermediate between Black and White, Gay and Straight, Tall and Short, Rich and Poor, Drunk and Sober.

People donít move as fast as they do on the Web. I canít control the sounds of the world like I can control the music on my computer speakers. This font is nice. I see the world through an open window. Close it. Quit it. Shut down.

Ask not what your computer can do for youóask what you can do for your computer.

Power On.